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Hacka-demic is a 36-hour long virtual hackathon, where you can code, design, and create meaningful solutions to real-life problems.

It will be a theme-based event welcoming participants with all skill sets, from beginners to professionals. Participate from the comfort of your homes and build something fun and incredible with us.

Dive in to explore the realms of tech with our exciting themes and prizes.

Themes Released!


Recreate one of history’s oldest games from around the world. The challenge is to create a user experience which is both informative and engaging as it guides them through the lost games from ancient times.


Bring out your inner prankster and hack your way into making people laugh or even cry , its upto your imagination :)


Your project should give contactless alternatives to some of the work that gets done in public sector/government institutions or any public agency which would otherwise have required direct human interaction.


The travel and tourism sector took a plunge for worse this year due to travel bans and the fear of covid 19. Pave the way to boost the tourism sector post the pandemic.


Address the hunger for social interaction that people have faced during the lockdown .Dare to break out from the current bubble of social media and messaging and pave an unique way for a new form of online engagement.

Our Judges


Assistant Professor, IIITA

Rahul Kala


Researcher at CMU

Abhinav Khare


Software Developer at Glints

Ritika Motwani


ML Engineer, Berlin

Gautham Santhosh


Software Engineer, Deutsche Telecom

Anupam Dagar


Software Engineer, Qualcomm

Anagh G S


Software Engineer, Deutsche Telecom

Aswin VB


At Hack In The North, we create an environment that brings developers together irrespective of their gender, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background or ethnicity.

Ever since its inception, over the years, we have strived to make up for the lost opportunities for women by endorsing them in tech through our various programmes.

Hack In The North 2.0 had a direct entry to any and all girls’ teams and individual entries while the best team received special prizes and swags. In the fifth edition of Hack In The North, we took it a step further and reserved 15% of the seats for female participants. Hack In The North 4.0 witnessed a special monetary prize of Rs. 5000 to the best performing all girls' team.

See Our Code of Conduct here


F. A. Q.

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HINT 5 could not be organized adhering to the pandemic. To bridge the gap, Team HINT will host Hacka-demic, a promotional event that will help you get away from the boredom caused by lockdown and bring out the hacker in you.

The team size can range from 2 to 4 members

It is a one-time event introduced to fill in the void created due to the pandemic.

No, Hacka-demic is a promotional event organized by the HINT team.

HINT believes in promoting diversity and inclusiveness, so there is a special prize for girl teams to encourage participation.

This is an open track hackathon, we encourage you to build anything of your choice still, we will be releasing the themes soon to give you an idea of what could be built.

There are no extra points for implementing the themes given, every idea will be given equal weightage

No, there is no such provision. Selection of a team is done considering all it's members. However the team members can apply as individuals and then form a team after selection.

Unfinished or unimpressive (so you think) projects should be presented anyway! Presenting your hack gives you a chance to be proud of what you’ve done, and a constructive perspective of where you should be headed next.

Not to worry, most people don’t! We’ll have team formation and ideation events geared towards helping you find people to work with.

Then we're so glad HINT will be your first ever! It’s helpful to have some programming or technical experience, but it’s not a requirement. We’ll have talks, mentors and workshops to help you with your project.

No. In the interest of fairness, students should not be working on their projects before Hack in the North begins and we do not allow participants to work on pre-existing projects. However, you can familiarize yourself with all the tools and technologies you intend to use beforehand!

Have any more Questions?
Reach out to us at any time

[email protected]

Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season